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Neum is a tourist town and the only exit of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Adriatic Sea. It is located in the hilly bay of Neum - Klek. The municipality of Neum has an area of ​​226 km2, 5600 inhabitants, and about 4000 locals live in the town itself. The Neum Riviera is 9 km long, and thanks to the indented coast, it is 24 km long.

It is named after "old Neum", located 2 km from the coast inland. Neum, indeed, a new city sprang up on the steep slopes of the bay in the second half of the last century. The construction of Neum intensified with the construction of the Adriatic Highway in 1965, and especially after the founding of the municipality in 1978.



Geographically, Neum belongs to the SOUTH ADRIATIC region, in the triangle of tourist centers MAKARSKA - MOSTAR - DUBROVNIK, and is sheltered from the open Adriatic sea by the Peljesac peninsula, the Klek peninsula and their beautiful bays, harbors and tourist and fishing villages. The Adriatic highway, which passes through the city, connects it with Dubrovnik (66 km) in the south, and Ploče (35 km), Makarska (80 km) and Split (140 km) in the north. The Neretva Valley, from Sarajevo (210 km) through Mostar (75 km) and Ploče, is crossed by the electric railway and the Main Road Sarajevo - Opuzen (18 km). Dubrovnik Airport Cilipi is 90 km away, Mostar Airport 70 km and Split Airport 170 km. This connection opens up excellent opportunities for Neum to tourism throughout the year.



Mediterranean climate, with lots of sunny days. The sea temperature in July and June is up to 27 °, and winters are mild with very sparse snow. As for the winds, they mostly blow maestral, tramontana (bura), šilok (jugo) and lebić.



Neum has a long and complex history. Several books and studies have been written, about his past and events there, the population, the rulers. The first mentions of Neum are from the pre-Slavic period, from VI. century more precisely in 533 (NEUMENE).

We know from recent history that it was territorially part of the Republic of Dubrovnik until 1718, when the peace treaty in Požarevac handed it over to the Turks, as a corridor-enclave, from Hutovo to the sea as a port for ships and supplies of military forces in the hinterland. political and trade tensions with the Venetians.

It was a Turkish enclave until 1876, and two years later, as the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina, it became part of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy until 1918. From then until the beginning of II. World War II, is part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

In general, in 1945, due to the demarcation between the then republics (FNRY), it remained in the Republic of BiH, where it is today. In the mid-1950s, the first resorts began to be built along the coast. The Adriatic Highway passes through Neum in 1965. Immediately afterwards, a car camp was built, and the intensive construction of workers' resorts was accompanied by the construction of other accompanying tourist facilities: restaurants, shops, etc., and in 1977 the first hotel was built - the hotel "NEUM".

In 1978, the municipality of Neum was founded, as a unit of local self-government and as the bearer of further tourist, catering and urban construction of the city. This is followed by the construction of other hotels, city and total tourist infrastructure, business and residential buildings, electricity, plumbing, shops, telephone, etc., and all the other facilities that today make the city of Neum an urban area, with a rich tourist offer.

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