Advertising terms and conditions


1. Basic information on the web portal

The web portal, together with all accompanying domains, contains data of advertisers who arbitrarily reported, registered and publicly published personal data, and which can be further used for other marketing purposes. Advertisers undertake not to infringe copyright and in no event will they publish previously copied content from other portals. The owners of the portal reserve all rights in case of changes in the terms and conditions of use or publication at any time and without prior notice. The changes take effect at the time of publication. Advertising on the web portal together with all accompanying domains is done by selecting one of the offered packages, for a certain period of time and at the current fee / price. The owners of the portal, as well as all accompanying domains, have the full right to change the strategy and method of advertising during the year, make changes to the portals, supplement the system with new ways of booking and communication, introduce any restrictions or improvements, without prior notice.


2. Data accuracy

When entering all data on the web portal and other supporting domains, users / advertisers are obliged to ensure the truthfulness, accuracy, comprehensiveness and detail of data / information that will present a realistic picture to all users. Advertisers and users agree that all information provided may be available and distributed publicly, through a web portal to all interested users of this site. SIGunion and its owners disclaim any liability for and for any damage caused to advertisers or users for any reason.


3. Data protection and copyright

All data, materials, images and other content of the web portal and other domains are protected by copyright law. The use of data downloaded from our website for any other purpose without our prior consent / approval is illegal. It is forbidden to copy, distribute, publish as your own, display, present in any other way, sell information published on the site without the express consent of its owners or advertisers to whom the data belongs. SIGunion and its owners protect copyright and disclaim all liability and / or participation in any disputes related to copyright infringement and protection, as well as all other related rights, infringements by advertisers, users or third parties.


4. Prohibitions and exclusions of users

The web portal reserves every right to exclude users, ban advertising, change the content of advertisements and delete accounts / advertisements that in any way violate the rules and conditions of use of the portal. Any misuse of the website and / or accompanying websites in any way of unauthorized use will result in exclusion, i.e. by banning advertising on the same. It is strictly forbidden to copy other people's data, publish false and untrue information, publish ads unrelated to the portal and publish more ads in the Free package. It is forbidden to post and / or publish on web portals any offensive, racist, discriminatory, vulgar and inappropriate content related to an individual, group, nation, religion and / or state.


5. Disclaimer

The owners of the portal completely distance themselves from any criminal and material liability caused to the advertiser, user or third parties on any grounds, arising directly and / or indirectly. Advertisers and users are legal and natural persons who use the web portal, together with the accompanying domains for the purpose of data exchange, payment, communication and arranging reservations and booking accommodation. The owners of the portal completely disclaim any responsibility that is in any way related to the use of URL codes, web links and other websites within the web portal and / or other supporting domains. Advertisers undertake to regularly follow the updates on the portal and all accompanying domains, changes and amendments to the rules and conditions of use. In case of any questions, suggestions or comments regarding the terms and conditions of advertising, please contact our email address to support users / advertisers. The owners of the portal completely refrain from any criminal and material liability for texts, images or messages sent to advertisers, users, other or third parties through the company's web portal, which in their context contain offensive texts, hate speech or violence.

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